jQuery Theme Slider – Fullscreen Touch Slider

The slider provides more than 10 main animations and you can find 30+ effects for the texts, 10+ for the sublayer items. Also available additional 30+ easing effects powered by jQuery Easing. Ensures simple customization, but developers and professionals can specify a lot of unique options on each layers/slides. You can set to play automatically, customize the control bar position, Added 360+ Font Awesome Icons and an optional preloader with a special effect.



  • Responsive, Mobile Touch & Swipe Supported, Cross Browser Compatible
  • 80+ Animation Types, combined with Easing Effects, that's provides more than 300 animation variations
  • 10+ Main Slider Animations with Hardware Accelerated CSS3 Technology, 30+ Text Animations
  • 10+ Sublayer In and Out Animations with random option, 30+ Easing Effects
  • 91 Predefined Layer Positions, 650+ Google Font Styles, 360+ Font Awesome Icons