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Saying that there’s a myriad of all kinds of WordPress plugins, add-ons and extensions would be an understatement. No matter what kind of extension you require, you’ll probably find it with ease, and you’ll even get to choose between a number of options. This article will, however, focus on 10 most popular plugins with which you can enhance your WordPress website building and maintaining experience.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

This is the best-selling add-on for Virtual Composer and one of the best-sold WordPress add-ons overall. Whatever trinkets you need for your Visual Composer page builder, you’ll find them here, all in a bundle. In fact, Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons are pretty much everything you need to create colorful and exciting websites and/or landing pages. Apart from all that comes with it, Ultimate Addons also offers great support through video tutorials and Support Center alike. What comes with it are number of beautifully designed unique elements, icons, fonts, video backgrounds, CSS3 animations and plenty more features. Furthermore, Ultimate Addons allows creation of advanced tabs, interactive banners, expandable sections, all kinds of counters, etc. All in all, this creative plugin gives you unlimited possibilities while working with VC.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
Ultimate Addons For Visual Composer

UberMenu – Sticky Menu Extension

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin is actually an extension for UberMenu which we have already described before. Furthermore, it gives UberMenu the sticky ability. In other words, any menu you create with these couple of extensions will get the ability to stick to the same spot as viewers scroll the page up or down. This is exceptionally useful when you need to scroll down to get your content and then quickly select another menu section without the need to scroll back up. In other words, Sticky Menu Extension for UberMenu allows the users constant menu access, regardless of their page position.

UberMenu - Sticky Menu Extension Plugin
UberMenu – Sticky Menu Extension

PrivateContent – User Data add-on

This is a simple add-on for PrivateContent plugin which extends parent plugin’s abilities. PrivateContent allows the user to choose who and what can someone see and access on his web page. It is fast, simple and reliable solution, and just like the parent extension, User Data add-on allows you to create and use unlimited fields to store unlimited data of your customers in a simple and timely fashion. Apart from collecting the data, it can also create custom forms, import other systems, manage and explore data and do a few more useful operations when databases are concerned. 

PrivateContent - User Data Add-on Plugin
PrivateContent – User Data Add-on

Private Messages for UserPro

UserPro add-on offers you the ability to create your own WordPress community, and, needless to say, all of this just wouldn’t be complete without messaging support. That’s where Private Messages for UserPro kicks in and saves the day. It adds private messaging between users and allows them to receive notifications about new messages, view conversations and reply to other users among other features. Moreover, it contains plenty of emoticons and ajax notifications which complete the messenger picture in style.

Private Messages Add-on For UserPro WordPress Plugin
Private Messages For UserPro Plugin


Directory & Business Finder Extension Plugin 

This plugin works multiple ways. It extends the operational spectrum of Directory, Business Finder and Tour Operator WordPress themes. What it actually does is the management of directory features for any of these themes. Thanks to it, you could display directory items via widget or shortcode. Furthermore, it allows creation and management of custom fields and customization of gallery and its images. All in all, this is one serious plugin which can be rather helpful in giving your business the necessary edge.

Directory & Business Finder WordPress Extension Plugin
Directory & Business Finder Extension Plugin

Indeed Smart PopUp for WordPress

We all know how annoying popups can be, but this one can be fun indeed. It has more than 100 built-in features which allow you to create all kinds of popups for your webpage. This add-on can even target the specific audience depending on your configuration. It doesn’t have to pop-up every time and for everyone. Instead, you can dictate the tempo. Finally, the plugin now supports Facebook and Google maps, and further improvements aren’t excluded as well.

Indeed Smart PopUp Addon Plugin for WordPress
Indeed Smart PopUp Addon For WordPress

NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium

As its name suggests, this add-on extends the NextGEN Gallery Voting plugin’s functionality beyond the elementary. Apart from only giving visitors the ability to vote for your gallery images, and allowing you to choose who can and who can not vote, this premium extension allows you to change user messages, create a voting criteria, manually add or remove votes, export votes and do plenty more things. If you have a voting feature on your WordPress page, don’t forget to check this plugin out.

WordPress NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium Addon
NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium Addon

Live! for MyMail

MyMail is a handy email newsletter add-on for WordPress which is both simple to use and offers an abundance of features at the same time. Live! is an extension for it which allows the user to track his/hers newsletter campaign views in real time. To put it simply, it gives you the ability to see who has viewed your profile and in what time exactly did that happen. Moreover, it allows you to see the location from which the view came thanks to Geo Tracking feature. Needless to say, this can be a handy tool in planning and running your business and marketing strategies.

Live! Addon For WordPress MyMail Plugin
Live! For MyMail

Gravity Forms: Connect to Google Calendar™

Plugin’s name explains it all. This extension allows you to upgrade your Gravity Forms builder with small but potentially essential feat; connection to Google calendar. This doesn’t just display the date. It gives you the ability to filter the given events on your calendar before they go live. You can, thus, choose which of these events to approve and which to disregard. Moreover, you can also allow users to post the events directly to your calendar without your approvement. Needless to say, this add-on allows you to simply and efficiently manage your calendar without the fear of creating multiple self-excluding events at the same time.

Gravity Forms: Connect To Google Calendar WordPress Add-on
Gravity Forms: Connect To Google Calendar Add-on

Woocommerce Products Layouts

Everyone knows that Woocommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce toolkit. It is compatible with almost 300 additional extensions, add-ons and plugins, and Woocommerce  Products Layouts is one of them. WPL is easy to install, use and maintain. It gives you the ability to create brands for your website-powered business which can be named, sorted, described and get an image assigned to them among other things. This add-on supports all of Woocommerce built-in features, together with plenty of eCommerce business-related feats and tricks. You can organize products in list, grid, masonry or carousel, whichever best suits your needs. It is definitely an add-on which could greatly help you and your business alike.

Woocommerce Products Layouts Plugin Add-On
Woocommerce Products Layouts Add-On


These might not be the best-sold plugins, extensions and add-ons (even though most of them are), but they are definitely highly popular and immensely helpful in creating, organizing and maintaining your WordPress site. Whether it’s your personal blog or place of business, your webpage will be highly enhanced by one of these extensions, of course, if you use their parent plugins. All in all, every single one of these add-ons is worth checking and you should easily find a good solution among them if they fit your needs description.

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