TOP 10 Weather WordPress Plugins

You have a WordPress-powered website and you are thinking of enriching it with some weather forecast plugins. There is a plethora of choices to be made in a vast arena of available plugins, both free ones and those that you have to pay for. 

Those which cost money from the get-go usually come with better customer support, but they don’t necessarily have to be better. Here is a list of TOP 10 weather WordPress plugins which should be able to fulfill all your needs.

Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

Astero WordPress plugin background

We will start with the most expensive one, but differences are actually minimal, both in regular and extended licences. Astero WordPress Weather Plugin is
compatible with all major browsers and with all WordPress versions from 3.8 onward. Plugin utilizes Ajax technology and local caching which in turn allow fast
loading of forecasts. Apart from fixed user location forecast, Astero allows advanced search by either typing city name or zip code. Moreover, users can choose the units that suit their needs best and create stunning widgets in just a few clicks. It is easily customizable and offers more than 600 font styles in myriad of colors. Finally, this high-resolution plugin comes with three background styles: video (.mp4, .webm, .ogg), image (can be custom) and clean minimal background.

Ultimate Weather

Ultimate Weather plugin
Ultimate Weather plugin

Made by Inceptive Design Labs, Ultimate Weather plugin allows easy widget creation. It uses Yahoo Weather as its forecast source and supports both location ID’s and Yahoo WOEID identifiers. Moreover, plugin is compatible with all major browsers and WordPress versions from 3.2 onward.

Thanks to its customizable nature, you can select what type of info you want to see, whether it’s country indicator, sunrise and sunset times, humidity, visibility or wind speed and direction.

WeatherSlider Premium WordPress Widget

WeatherSlider Premium Plugin
WeatherSlider Premium Plugin

WeatherSlider supports no less than 48 different climate types while displaying current conditions with CSS3 transitions and a 3-day forecast.It uses geolocation for precise info, but you can also add custom location via search bar.

WeatherSlider Premium supports touch control for mobile devices and tablets, and responsive size from 240×200 to 1300×600 pixels. Needless to say, it supports all versions of WordPress from 3.3 onward and updates automatically.

Weather Widget One

Weather Widget One

This plugin is a simple tool that allows to be displayed either as a widget or directly through a shortcode. It supports Google fonts and color customization for everything, including the icons and buttons. You can type in your own location by using U.S. zipcode, U.K. postcode, Canada postal code, IP address, latitude/longitude and a city name.

Moreover, Weather Widget One uses HTML5 geolocation for automatic location detection. All major browsers are supported, and so are all WordPress versions from 3.5 onward.

Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome Weather Widget pro
Awesome Weather Widget pro


Awesome Weather Widget free

Awesome Weather Widget is a free forecast plugin which emphasises on simpleness and easiness of use. It offers you plain and clean theme with easy readable info. Plugin can be used as a widget or be added to a page or theme with a shortcode.

Pro version of this widget adds location recognition which is an upgrade over constant typing of your wanted location in free version. Moreover, it adds climate icons, three new built-in layouts and ability to make custom layouts.

National Weather Service Alerts

National Weather Service Alerts with Google map
National Weather Service Alerts with Google map

This WordPress plugin offers something different. Unlike classic forecast, it allows you to easily display hazard alerts on your website. Sadly, it only works for United States at the moment since it draws info from the National Weather Service.

You can choose desired location by typing city, state or region into search bar, and customize the results by choosing the type of warnings you would like to get. Google map with polygon overlays displays the affected regions for a specific alert type (high wind, tornado, freeze, thunderstorm, etc.).

Plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress from 3.1 until now and is constantly being updated.

POWr Weather

POWr Weather plugin
POWr plugin

POWr Weather forecast plugin is easy to install and use. It’s free of charge and allows you to track and display live forecasts for any location. It can be customized in a number of ways in order to give you the most appealing content. You can change backgrounds, fonts and colors with ease.

If you decide to go pro, you will get advanced forecast display while removing all POWr watermarks. Moreover, it offers you visitor and page view counter. POWr Weather requires WordPress 3.0 to begin with and offers support for current and all future versions.

Weather Layer

Weather Layer vertical
Weather Layer vertical

This is a simple plugin which displays a layer with forecast information for a chosen city. It is rather simple tool that relies on the use of a shortcode. Default shortcode displays a horizontal layer with all relevant climate info including temperature, humidity, wind, icons and forecast for next couple of days.

By using (display=”vertical”) at the end of a regular shortcode, you can switch the plugin to a vertical mode.

Weather Layer horizontal

Weather Master

Weather Master plugin
Weather Master plugin

Weather Master is fully mobile responsive plugin which can be displayed either as a widget, or by using a shortcode. It is tied to a geolocation feature which automatically captures user’s position and displays forecast info in accordance. This heavy-duty WordPress plugin offers you quality and accurate real-time forecast information complemented with lovely icons. It is compatible with WordPress version 3.5 and higher and gives you the option to upgrade to Advanced version with plenty more useful features.

WP Cloudy

WP Cloudy plugin
WP Cloudy plugin

This WordPress plugin is based on Open Weather Map API and uses geolocation to display the relevant forecast. Thanks to aforementioned OWM API, WP Cloudy supports the forecast for over 134,000 cities around the globe.

It requires at least WordPress version 3.8, but supports current and will support all future versions alike. Thanks to its high customization value, you can configure the plugin any way you like. It offers 7 and 14-day forecasts, options to display or not to display some information and plenty more features.


Whatever kind of weather forecast plugin for WordPress you need, you’ll find it among this list. These TOP 10 plugins can be used as widgets or stapled upon your page using shortcodes. Furthermore, most of them are highly customizable which allows you to experiment until you get the result you require. There is something for everyone; from simple, free plugins, to those advanced versions that require paid licence. Feel free to let the sunshine into your website, mobile device or blog page by using one of these premium forecast plugins.

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