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Basic Information and description

WP Reviewr Pro is a WordPress, user based review plugin which allows the users to implement product or any other relevant review on any relevant post, page or website. This is a fully optimized plugin which works with every available platform and this means that you won’t have any problems with it using smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer alike. Furthermore, it can adapt its own color scheme using the provided color pickers to match its design to your current theme. This way, you won’t only get some WordPress extension, but a fully adaptable review plugin which seamlessly melts with your own website’s layout. WP Reviewr Pro provides plenty of criteria when it comes to user ratings. Needless to say, all criteria options are fully customizable and depend on your preferences. Whether they are guests or logged in users, everyone will be allowed to post their review and share their ratings if that’s what you wish, of course.


First thing you need to do is to download WP Reviewr. This review-oriented WordPress plugin which allows you to to showcase desired ratings can be downloaded for free or bought from Codecanyon with Pro licence (either regular or extended one). After you do this, you’ll have to choose manual or automatic installation, or in other words, you’ll have to choose whether to install this ratings WordPress plugin via FTP or via admin panel respectively.

We have already described the installation in one of our previous posts, so we’ll skip the complete explanation this time. Bear in mind, however, that WP Reviewr Pro is a plugin, not theme, and that you’ll have to address it accordingly. Otherwise, the process is pretty much identical as the one described under Install Guide heading of aforementioned post. Another thing you’ll have to pay attention to is compatibility. You’ll need at least WordPress version 3.9 or higher, together with PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 in order for plugin to work properly.


We have already named some of WP Reviewr’ features like its ability to adapt to any given device or WordPress theme and the ability to allow both guests and logged in users to post the ratings without restrictions (or with restrictions if you desire). However, there’s more to it than that.

Review Sample
Review Sample

This ratings and reviews plugin comes with unlimited number of customizable colors and corresponding number of available criteria options which depend only on your imagination. Its responsive layout is completely Retina ready which comes in handy if you use Apple-made devices. We have already mentioned that user retains the right to approve or disapprove reviews which are being displayed just below the content if you decide to go with former option. Moreover, ratings can be displayed through a widget which comes with the plugin, and there’s also a shortcode option.

Bear in mind the fact that WP Reviewr Pro is still a fresh application, and as that is sure to become better by every passing day. Apart from customer support which comes straight from the authors, you can expect constant updates, especially in this early stage of plugin’s life. Finally – last, but not the least; WP Reviewr Pro automatically enables meta information for search engines which, in turn, gives you better SEO ratings and the ability to attract larger audience.

Review Box


Settings and Customizations

WP Rewiewr pro is easy to set up and customize. Most of settings can be configured from General section under Settings in Reviews menu of WordPress’ sidebar. This section serves to configure basic and advanced options and general layout of this WordPress plugin. You can choose to receive e-mail notifications whenever someone posts a review, check a review before it appears, set the number of ratings and reviews shown on a page, define user permissions and add your own reviews and ratings.


General Settings
General Settings


Appearance section customizes the colors, background and text so that it could easily match ones of the currently used theme. It is fairly simple and well-organized. Everything can be done in just a few clicks, but, as already mentioned, combinations are limitless.


Appearance Settings
Appearance Settings


Adding your own review is possible after you check one of Allow Review boxes under Post Types in general Settings. This is where you configure criteria which serves for ratings purpose to other users. You can edit box position, title, summary and change criteria ratings and descriptions. Apart from approving or disapproving ratings and reviews, you can also edit them and, thus, make them suitable for your web page or post.


Adding Review
Adding Review

Pros vs Cons

Now, even though this WordPress review plugin has plenty of helpful features, rarely any extension comes without its faults. We have already stated most of its advantages above, and now we’ll move on to its shortcomings. For starters, you won’t be able to use different kinds of ratings than those which are given. Only percentages are supported, and WP Reviewr Pro doesn’t support grades (from A to F) or points (from 1 to 10), for instance. Some people are already used to their own review grades and they might be unwilling to readjust to percentage ratings. There’s another somewhat insignificant shortcoming which regards to plugin’s inability to share the ratings on social networks. Furthermore, WP Reviewr Pro doesn’t allow creation of any custom fields like drop down box or checkbox. If you want to create some custom content of any specific type, you’ll have to add review box manually every time that a new content appears, even if it’s the same type as the one already used. This can become bothersome and time-consuming after some time.

These aren’t terminal shortcomings, but can be annoying to some people. Think carefully if you require any of the aforementioned features as this WordPress plugin doesn’t support them currently. However, there are indications that some of them might be changed in the near future. After all, WP Reviewr Pro is only in its initial version and improvements or changes are supposed to be natural at this point. 


This is basically everything there is to it. WP Reviewr Pro is more than simple to use, as you have seen, and it allows you plenty of options, even in its initial stage. As we have mentioned above, don’t be surprised if this WordPress plugin starts offering additional features through updates as time passes by. However, even now, every possible ratings and review option has been taken into account. If something comes to your mind, you can easily implement it. That’s the advantage of fully customizable goodies which WP Reviewr Pro certainly is. 

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